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Removable Dentures

Specializing in Dental Prosthesis

Dentures that don’t fit and have other defects can make your mouth sore and lead to discomfort and pain. Moreover, ill-fitting dentures can cause chewing problems that make eating difficult. If you need long-lasting dentures that fit perfectly, get in touch with Denture Specialist in Spokane, WA. We offer denture services that will satisfy your dental prosthesis needs.

Denture Specialist Addresses

Making Clients Smile Since 1996

Since 1996, dental prosthesis experts Jeff Eisner, DPD and Pamela Eisner, RN have been serving Northeast Washington from our clinics in Deer Park and Spokane, WA. We cater to both young and old patients seeking custom removable dentures made with premium materials. If you need excellent denture services, we are the clinic that will make you smile.

Call for Denture Services

If you need expert denture services, look no further than Denture Specialist. From simple to complicated dental prosthesis procedures, our professional staff will handle your denture problems with no fuss. Call our offices in Spokane at (509) 328-2117 or in Deer Park at (509) 276-2722 if you have any questions about removable dentures.

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